Sundays at 9:30am and 5:30pm - 20 Allison St, Mount Gambier

What To Expect

Sometimes we don't know what to expect from a church, especially if we are new to this church thing.

Expect to feel welcomed

At MGPC we love new people! We know what it is like to be new. Some of us have only started coming to church later in our adult lives. We often wonder what to expect when we walk though the door for the first time. At MGPC you should expect to feel welcomed, valued and loved.

What is the service like?

Our morning service usually has 100+ people attending and our night church attendance ranges from anywhere between 15 -30 people. We sing songs, watch videos, read the bible (we have a bible for you if you don't have one), pray, we listen to a relevant message and also hear what is happening in the life of MGPC.

What do I wear?

Wear what you would wear as if you were to go to the shops or to the pub. At MGPC we don't care about your clothes, we care about you.

We would love to Connect with you

When you arrive at MGPC someone from our friendly Connect Team will say, "Hello". They will give you a Connect Bag that has tons of information in it so you can make an informed decision if we are the right church for you.

After the service we have created a special space just for new people. We know what it is like to come to church for the first time and that is why we have created our Connect Lounge. Our Connect Lounge is located in our hall where we all have morning tea after the service. There you can chat with our Connect Team and Staff Team about any questions you may have about MGPC. We would love to meet you in the Connect Lounge after the Sunday Service.

Time Lapse Of Service