COVID RESTRICTIONS CONCLUDED Site-Specific COVID Safe Plan has concluded. Masks not required, but welcome.

Our Vision

We are and desire to be a growing church. Come and be part of it.

“We are a growing church…”

At MGPC we are a growing church. We want to grow in our knowledge, wisdom and understanding of our God as we seek Him by Faith. We also want to be growing in number. The reason we want to be a church that is growing in number is because every number is a person who has connected to eternal hope in Jesus. This is our aim. We are a growing church. We aim to see more people connect with Jesus and us as a church. We want those who have connected to Jesus to join a Growth Group where they will grow in their all knowledge, wisdom, understanding and faith. There they will also grow in their relationships with others in our church. Finally, as we seek to be a growing church, we will need more people like you serving Jesus in various roles across the church.

Growing in Growth Groups

An important part of being a growing church is Growth Groups. We can’t expect to grow wider numerically without growing deeper in our knowledge, wisdom, understanding and faith in Jesus. Like a tree can’t grow wider without establishing a stronger root system we need to have a stronger base in our church. This base is built in Growth Groups. Growth Groups are a place where we grow in our knowledge, wisdom, understanding and faith in Jesus. It is also the training ground for future Growth Group leaders. This training ground has the potential to grow our people for many key serving roles in our church community. Therefore, we want everyone to be a part of a Growth Group so that we grow in our knowledge, wisdom, understanding and faith in Jesus. As this happens we expect to grow towards maturity taking up various serving positions suitable to each of our gifting's. If we don’t have healthy Growth Groups, we cannot expect our church to grow in a healthy way. As Christians, we follow Jesus and the best way to get to know Jesus is to be regularly opening the bible and meeting with God’s people. We have and are setting up more Growth Groups to give people the opportunity to grow in a way that they might not have thought was possible.

How can I be a part of it?

At MGPC we believe every person has a role to play. The first place to start is to connect with Jesus and connect with us as a Church. Then we would love you to be a part of a Growth Group. From there, we can explore many different serving opportunities to find ways of serving that uses your God given abilities and talents for His glory. You are important to our church and it is vital that every member plays their part. Some of us will fill roles behind the scenes, some of us will be seen upfront. It doesn’t matter where you serve, we want you to be able to unleash your potential to see more and more people Connect with Jesus, Grow in Jesus, and Serve Jesus.

Congregation Plant

Into the future, we will be looking to plant a second morning service. This means we want to start a new service so more people can be part of what is going on at MGPC. Our church auditorium holds roughly 200 people and we are already having a rough average of 110+ people in there every Sunday (142 This Easter). This means that if God can grow our church to a point where 170 people are attending regularly we will look to plant a second duplicate morning service. This would roughly look like 100+ people in one service (about the same size we are now) and the new service to start with 50+ people. This will increase our capacity to have roughly 400 people through our doors in the morning on Sundays. This means more people connecting with the true hope of Jesus. This will create more serving  opportunities for all of us to be involved in seeing people Connect with Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him.

There is no doubt this plan will take a lot of prayer and effort not just from a few, but from all of us under the sovereignty of God. We believe that this is the way forward for us as a church. We want to see many more people in our city Connect with Jesus, Grow in Jesus, and Serve Jesus because at MGPC, we are a

growing church.